Colin Fraser - Chief Scientist

Colin has been building electronic devices for making music since his teens, when he found a friend’s fuzz-wah pedal had the schematic printed inside and realised he could get all the parts he needed to build his own from the local Radio Shack.

Seduced by the new electronic dance music of the early 90s, but not having the money for proper equipment, he built his first pattern sequencer with CV/gate output around a BBC microcomputer, later replacing it with an Amiga, ST, then PC.  After several years battling the ergonomic barrier that is the keyboard-mouse-monitor combo, and finding no hardware sequencer on the market that quite satisfied his needs, he designed the P3 sequencer.

Following the success of the kit version of the P3 Sequencer, and seeing a chance to make his escape from the tedious world of corporate IT, he founded Sequentix Music Systems in 2005, and produced the P3 in ready-built form until new EU rules rendered the parts unobtainable.  Starting again from scratch, and following a few years juggling development with starting a family, Cirklon production began in 2011.



Barbara Fraser - CEO

Barbara studied fashion design in Glasgow then ran a manufacturing business before joining Sequentix Music Systems in 2011.

Barbara shares the day-to-day running of Sequentix with her husband Colin, and also shares his vision for quality products and service. 

She handles enquiries, manages the Cirklon waiting list and processes customer and supplier orders.


Sequentix Music Systems Ltd operated from a small village in Scotland until 2017, when Colin and Barbara relocated with their family to Berlin.  

Sequentix GmbH is now established in Germany, and the business operates from an office / workshop in Schöneberg (visitors by appointment).